Kickstart your freelance business in Germany with our comprehensive suite of resources, including detailed step-by-step guides, interactive webinars, personalized support from expert tax advisors, and access to a community of like-minded expats. Our course offers practical tools, from how-to videos that simplify complex tax processes to downloadable templates and checklists to ensure you stay organized and compliant. You can confidently begin your journey, backed by the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in Germany's dynamic freelance market.

how-to videos
How-to videos

Unlock the secrets of the German tax system with our engaging how-to videos! Each video is crafted to turn complex tax procedures into clear, manageable tasks, empowering you to navigate the intricacies of freelancing in Germany with ease and confidence. Dive into a visual learning experience that brings expert guidance right to your screen, anytime, anywhere.

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Downloadable Templates
Downloadable Templates

Streamline your paperwork with our ready-to-use downloadable templates! Designed to save you time and reduce errors, these templates ensure you always have the right forms at your fingertips. Whether you're invoicing clients or tracking expenses, our templates make every aspect of managing your freelance business in Germany simpler and more efficient.

StBin Birgit Augustin

Freelance Tax Services by StBin Birgit Augustin

Birgit developed her passion for tax at a young age. She loves to tailor the various paragraphs of German tax law to our client’s individual needs and situations and to find the best solutions for them. Her greatest wish is to pass on her passion for taxes to others and make their lives as easy as possible.

Profession: Fully qualified tax accountant under German law and specialist advisor for international tax law.

Experience: 20+ years